來源:漢斯曼集團(HQTS) 2019-05-23




研討會過后,與會客戶紛紛表示很期待HQTS能在俄羅斯舉辦更多的 “下一場研討會”,加深彼此的牽絆與合作。





  • Irina, import manager, xxx company,?regular client
    Thank you very much for the invitation to the forum. Seminar Information, including market trends in the Asian region, was very useful. Moreover, it was nice to meet colleagues from Your company. Well, the gift of your company I think for a long time will delight me including my family members.
  • Georgy Sklyarov, xxx company, prospect
    I was glad to meet you and other members of HQTS personally. They are all real professionals of the industry. Thank you for this very informative seminar, which opened my eyes on new perspectives and ideas for my work, and also strengthened my interest in cooperation with your company!
  • Anna Lenskaya, Purchasing Director, xxx company, regular client
    Thanks again for the invitation! It was very nice to attend your seminar and meet you personally!
    The seminar was organized at a high level and was quite interesting.
    If you have the opportunity to talk in more detail about the cooperation of China with Africa and to acquaint you with the forecasts for other Asian countries – I will be very grateful!
  • Olesya Kozlova, head of import department, xxx company
    To better understand your company because we have been together since 2015 I believe.


俄羅斯客戶研討會是HQTS海外市場客戶研討會的 “首發戰隊”,是HQTS2019年打響密切客戶關系,深耕全球市場的第一炮。

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